Designer: Ehsan Mosahebeh

Ehsan Mosahebeh

SEO Manager / SEO Specialist Birth: Oct 1995


Two important achievements

Task Management System (TMS)

  • Usage: Content and SEO teams` task manager
  • 100% programmed by me
  • I designed the architecture of the software
  • There is no similar platform for this usage
  • Can be used in all content SEO projects
  • Desktop/Mobile Friendly

Flexible Leitner Box

  • Usage: Learning the meaning and spelling of words (personal usage)
  • Online platform
  • 100% programmed by me
  • I designed the logic of the steps and the architecture of the software

Problems and my solutions


We were required to modify numerous internal links using specific anchor text, but unfortunately, we lacked the necessary list of internal links.

What I did (my solution):

I developed a crawler that extracts a list of URLs from a sitemap and systematically crawls each link. As a result, the crawler generates an Excel file with three columns: from_url, to_url, and anchor_text. This allowed us to easily filter and analyze the data in Excel.
Notably, the crawler maintained a swift pace, crawling two pages per second, without causing any detrimental impact on server performance.


Certain WordPress plugins designed for FAQ or Video schema provide a convenient means of generating them on pages. However, their usability is not straightforward, and we encountered conflicts when utilizing these plugins for different schemas.

What I did (my solution):

I developed a WordPress plugin that simplifies the process for admin users to add schema (FAQ, Video, and How to) to edit pages or posts. This functionality enabled us to eliminate unnecessary plugins that were causing numerous conflicts. As a result, our website's performance improved significantly.


In the past, we utilized Adrotate, an ads manager in WordPress. However, it caused significant strain on the server and slowed down our website. Moreover, we sought a tool that could automatically synchronize ads with our products, particularly during daily promotional campaigns.

What I did (my solution):

I developed a high-speed alternative plugin designed to retrieve five products from campaign URLs. The selection process was guided by specific rules, such as prioritizing the mobile category over TV, which was often the case for 19kala.
This plugin efficiently checks the promotion page three times a day and automatically updates the product ads. Additionally, it integrates the ads box into the content of the Wordpress platform, specifically after a customizable paragraph number.


We were uncertain about the potential drawbacks of having a product marked as out of stock on its average Google position. Hence, we required a user-friendly Google Analytics dashboard that could display the out-of-stock status of our products.

What I did (my solution):

I developed a WordPress crawler plugin that enables administrators to input a list of URLs from a specific competitor. The crawler downloads product images from the competitor's website and uploads them to WordPress. It then creates new products in WordPress, assigning them the same name, attributes, price, brand, and categories based on the competitor's product information.
To mitigate the risk of being blocked by the competitor's server due to excessive requests, I implemented a crawling speed of 1500 milliseconds per product. Additionally, I included a feature that allows customers to determine the percentage increase or decrease in their website's product prices based on their competitor's prices.


I assisted a customer who wanted to import products from their competitor's OpenCart website to their new WordPress website. Additionally, they desired to update product prices and availability twice a day, based on the information from their competitor's website.

What I did (my solution):

I developed a WordPress plugin featuring a crawler that enhances administrative tasks. It downloads product images from a competitor's specified URLs, uploads them to WordPress, and creates new products mirroring the competitor's attributes.
To prevent being blocked by the competitor's server, I implemented a controlled crawling speed. Additionally, the plugin allows customers to adjust their website's product prices based on competitors' prices.


  • Google Search Console
  • Google Optimize
  • Keyword research
  • Google Analytics (goals, e-commerce data, ...)
  • Ahrefs, Moz, KWfinder, Semrush, ... tools
  • Screaming Frog (Advanced experiences)
  • Technical SEO
  • Website`s speed optimization
  • SEO of Wordpress, Magento and Opencart
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO (Link building)
  • Google Ads (Adwords, Display Ads, ...)
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Programming a WordPress plugin


Civil Engineering University of Science and Culture G.P.A: 15.48/20 Aug 2018 - Sep 2014

Mathematics and Physics Sharif G.P.A: 17.75/20 Aug 2014 - Sep 2013

High School Diploma:
Mathematics and Physics Hafez G.P.A: 19/20 Aug 2013 - Sep 2012

Work experiences

Full-time Download insurance document Marketing agency that exclusively provides services to Magento-based online shops

- Tehran - Iran
  • Executed SEO strategies for multiple clients
  • Conducted comprehensive SEO audits, identified issues, and implemented effective solutions.
  • Managed content creation, distribution, outreach, and link acquisition activities.
  • Collaborated with the development team to resolve technical issues and expedite solutions.
  • Identified and troubleshooted technical problems related to SEO implementation and website performance.
My roles
  • SEO consultant
  • Seinor SEO specialist Online shop (Opencart) in the field of mobiles and their accessories + Wordpress blog

- Tehran - Iran
  • Managed a team of four SEO experts.
  • Provided training to newly hired SEO staff.
  • Analyzed and resolved technical SEO issues reported in Google Search Console.
  • Supported the 19kala magazine as a programmer in WordPress and plugin development.
  • Designed schema-generator tools using PHP programming language.
  • Provided consultation on selecting appropriate strategies for product entry and content topics.
  • Optimized the performance of SEO and content team members by task management system (Please google it: TMS Ehsan Mosahebeh).
My roles
  • Senior SEO manager
  • Wordpress admin
  • SEO specialist (2 months) Marketing agency that exclusively provides services to Magento-based online shops

- Tehran - Iran
  • Provided consulting services to company clients regarding digital marketing and SEO.
  • Developed and executed short-term and long-term SEO strategies.
  • Analyzed client websites and provided a list of website issues along with solutions for resolving them.
  • Consulted and executed optimized Google Ads campaigns.
My roles
  • SEO consultant
  • SEO specialist Online shop (Wordpress) in the field of photography equipment such as DSLR cameras

- Tehran - Iran
  • Determining content-focused SEO strategies and managing the content team.
  • Identifying important topics for content generation.
  • Optimizing content entered into WordPress websites before publishing.
  • Correcting product information in the specifications table.
  • Learning and teaching SEO and Google Ads to other colleagues.
My roles
  • Admin SEO and content teams
  • SEOman - Digital marketer (6 months)
  • Content importer (3 months)


- Tehran - Iran
  • Setting up my own online store in the field of handmade natural leather products.
  • Learning web design and website SEO through courses.
  • Selling leather products as a seller in other online stores.
My roles
  • Freelancer

Prenatal Local Baby Clothes Store

- Tehran - Iran
  • Managing the branch of Shaparak in Tehran.
  • Managing a team of 5 in-person sales employees.
  • Managing the cash register and inventory of products in the store.
  • Selling Prenatal Italia brand products at the Tajrish branch in Tehran.
  • Being a manager at the Shaparak branch in Tehran.
  • Managing a team of 5 in-person sales employees.
  • Managing the cash register and inventory of products in the store.
  • Being a salesperson for selling Prenatal Italia brand products at the Tajrish branch in Tehran.
My roles
  • Branch manager
  • Store salesman (5 months)

Part-time (Projects)

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  • Desktop and mobile friendly
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